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The map below shows those pubs in town that PNC know about and were visited during the Pub Crawl on Saturday 25th April 2009 . All of the pubs serve a range of Real Ale. There are other pubs in town which are not shown here

ID Pub Name Notes
1ZeroDegrees BristolAll beers brewed on site. Rather "industrial"
2Watershed, BristolCafe on Bristol waterfront, home to Arbor Ales
3The White Lion, BristolTown centre pub on the corner, serving lots of Wickwar beer
4Colston Yard, BristolUsed to be the Smiles Brewery
5Cornubia, BristolTucked away behind the Telephone exchange
6Bag O Nails, BristolBeer lovers paradise, but don't expect too much space!
7Grain Barge, BristolFloating brewery tap for the Bristol Beer Factory!


  • 1 : This list is not totally accurate at the moment as the pubs needs to be double checked