Salopian Blackwater Hop Twister

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Hop Twister

ABV: 4.5%

OG: 1044

Colour: Gold

Style: A premium bitter with a fine citrusy flavour and a complex hop finish. A malt grist of barley and wheat and a triple hopping of First Gold and Saaz gives a beer that is refreshing and crisp.

History: Hoptwister was originally brewed by us for Stourbridge based Brewers Wholesale under it’s Blackwater label and it was agreed that a beer this good should go out under the Salopian label! Our original golden 4.5%, Heaven Sent was an excellent example of a midlands style lightly hopped golden ale, however we decided that tastes were changing and that a more characterful beer was required. Hoptwister has a much more pronounced hop flavour and aroma, and a distinct ‘bite’ to it, and we felt that this was the beer to fill the niche.