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I'm going to be adding the following "special" fields:

header - which will put out the address etc with a single DB fetch
footer - will put out the footer with a single DB fetch with customised phrases for the last visted info.
edit - this will put out a link which will allow editing of the template data.

I did think about table which would take an addition parameter items=field1,field2,field3 etc and put them out as a table row. This would allow us to build the PN Digraph table with a single call for each pub.

Are there any other special fields that you can think of? Also I've coded the extension to look for | as the data pair separator. Do we want to leave it like that?

The Address field replaces commas with breaks.

The who, beers, and brewery fields are returned as a line of wiki linked pages

Due to the way I've coded the extension if you want to add a simple text field that needs no special processing and should just return the string (including and wiki formatting!) then you can simply add them as I've put a "default" in there.

As Wiki have hijacked the H1-H3 header marks do we want to either make our own (PNH1, PNH2 etc) or do we want to use a modified version of the font tag... Personally the PNH1 tag feels more "right".