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This page is dedicated to the memory of those pubs in Cheltenham that are no longer with us. Some will be sorely missed - some less so.

This list is not exhaustive - it only includes pubs that PubNight has Digraphs for. Some pubs have come into being and closed again before PubNight has actually managed to asign them a Digraph... such is the way of the world.

ID Pub Name Notes
1Nineteen Ninety TwoNow a pizzeria
2Prince of Wales Closed and turned into accomodation
3The FairviewUsed to be the Pump and Optic
4Sunset BarClosed, redeveloped as..... flats!
5Railway (Swindon Road)After being renamed the Sportsman having had the licence transferred it closed for a while before re-opening as "Best Mate". Now demolished and replaced by flats
6Russell ArmsNever mind - the Motor Club is just round the corner
7New Engineers Arms Gone to flats
8MitreGone to flats
9New PennyHas been bulldozed and has been replaced by a square box of.... yup you guessed it : flats
10The Blue Room
11The Overton Lodge Converted into apartments
12Wild Beer at Jessop HouseClosed Down right before Race Week. Company basically said the business rates were too high
13The SportsmanNow the "American Golf" shop
14Cat & FiddleLarge 1930's building near the football ground. Now Demolished and replaced by flats
15CavernLandlord is closing it and turning it into flats
16CassidysAfter a brief existance as Bar Cuba! it is now closed and has been converted into flats
17CalcuttaClosed. Demolished and replaced by... yes Flats
18Beaufort Armsclosed and Turned into housing by the same person who demolished The Greyhound and the Russell Arms
19Bass HouseHas been demolished and replaced by flats!
20Axiom Arts CentreTurned into apartments - just like all the others
21DobellsIt is now a Costa Coffee shop. Like Cheltenham doesn't have anywhere to get a cup of coffee
22JunctionConverted to apartments
23High RoostConverted (back) into a private residence
24Hop PoleConverted to apartments
25Horse & JockeyAlso known as The Forresters before being closed and converted into flats. The downstairs flat still has the bar in the living room.....
26Laze Daze
27The Little OwlDemolished and houses built on the site
29LeckhamptonClosed - gone to flats
30Fox & HoundsLarge 1930's building near the football ground. Now a Morrisons Local Supermarket
31Evergreen InnNow Gone and has become part of what looks like a doss house for Itinerant Workers
32Double BarrelNow a Co-Op convenience store
33Dawn RunTurned into a Meze Bar which has subsequently closed
34Hereford ArmsAfter a period of being "Flicks" it became the "Hereford" and then closed and became a trendy bar before becoming a restaurant
35The GreyhoundWonderful Road House Estate pub. Demolished by its new owner and now a pile of asbestos contaminated rubble. Was going to be converted to flats but I guess this way he can build more flats in the same space