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Where would the PNC be without Pubs?

The pub situation in Cheltenham is in continual flux - pubs come and go (more go than come however which is not good news) and the In Memoriam page lists those pubs that are no longer with us. Some pubs exist in a odd limbo between being an ex-pub and a Pub Night pub - these pubs are those pubs that for whatever reason serve no Real Ale.

All in all Pub Night currently knows about 386 pubs. A full list can be found on our List of Pubs page

So once you've removed all the Ex-pubs (35) and the pubs that don't serve beer (8) you are left with those pubs that are worth visiting.

Each week the PNC meet in a pub which was determined through a long complicated democatic process the previous week. Although the process is democratic there is no rhyme or reason behind the selection of the location.

Check on where Pub Night have visited :

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