Jolly Brewmaster

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39 Painswick Road
GL50 2EZ
01242 512176
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The Pubnight Destination Digraph for this pub is JB

For obvious reasons this pub is known, by some Pub Night regulars, as the "Jolly BM" or the Jolly Beer Monster.

Located towards the bottom end of Painswick Road, the pub is suprisingly easy to miss.

In the dark mists of Pub Night history the Jolly BM was always rated as a very good pub but expensive. Times have moved on, but its prices dont seem to have moved on as much as might be expected and it is really quite keenly priced.

The pub is basically one large room with a raised area to the right of the door. Quite why this area is raised no-one seems to know but I'm sure that whoever did the design for the refit a few years ago had their reasons for it.

The beer quality is consistently high and impresses all but Doug who clearly has something wrong with his taste buds.

This pub was last visited on Tuesday 4th June 2013 by Simon, Richard, Paul, Steve and Nick and was rated as "Quite acceptable" (Excellent range of beers with all 6 being available all evening)
When last visited the pub was serving : Gold, Tom Long and Butty Bach from the following breweries : Youngs , Stroud and Wye Valley

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