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The main brewery page is restricted so only good URLS can get on there.

If you know of a brewery website then place it on this discussion page and it will get transferred over at some time

Well there's St Austell you can lift from the Tribute page There's Arkells at Goffs are at (That's the first non-spam .biz I've ever seen!) Archers at at Exmoor are at Tim Taylors (linked from the beer page) are at Adnams are at Charles Wells are at

That's a few to be going on with - several of which are related to recently visited pubs. Searching for <xyz brewery> on google is a very effective technique - first hit almost every time.

Added - and it worked automatically for The Overton Lodge. I've put all the breweries we know about (or pub night does) in there. For those with no URL I've put them in with a leading *. Theoretically we could if we wanted change Greene King to *Greene King which would then allow us to create our own internal page and then use the brewery link using the * on that page to link to the external web site!

We could of course do something similar for beers if we thought it was worth it - again we can easily intercept pages if we want