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As we have comments as a field do we want to be able to access it via the show command?

I wonder if it would be possible to create a new version of the show command (maybe called display) which can directly display the contents of a field without having to go through an intermiediate template)?

N> I've tried to do that with "info", abusing the PDDG field to get the info through to "info_innards".     The problem is that although five sets of curls opens a template specified by a parameter, six doesn't get a parameter named by another parameter.

N>More searching of the help files is called for.

S> If its going to be hard work to do it we might as well just create templates for each of the fields - We'd probably spend longer trying to work out how to create a generic display template than we would turning out the small number of templates we need. Its not like we are going to have a huge number of fields anyway

N> I think you're right.  It's certainly not going to any easy for the system to parse and expand either.

So Fields to add: