Birmingham crawl

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We could do with noting who is chatting here. I've labelled a few people - the easiest thing is to put three ~s after your contribution.

The Lamp used to be very good when we used to walk down to it from work. From memory its not a large pub (Steve)

Looking at the list of pubs the one I'm not sure about is the White Swan - it's a Jennings pub and is very close to the Anchor. (Rich)

Dunno how close it is to the suggested route but the Canalside Cafe sounds like a lunch option too (Rich)

Yes, I fancied the Canalside cafe as well (I did wonder about a canal walk based crawl but decided to stick with the architecture theme). It's not that far off the route but it doesn't fit in logically anywhere - perhaps another time. I agree there's some doubt about whether it's worth riding the White Swan - but it is national inventory listed and - as you say - not far from a pub we are visiting. Worth walking in and looking at, at least. And it had at least one interesting guest mentioned on one website I found. Nick

What I think we need to look at is making sure that we can easily cut corners and cut out pubs if we feel like it - especially towards the end so we need to make sure that the tail ends are not too far apart and not too far from the station. Steve

They're not. The last 3 pubs are all close together and not too far from the station (you know how far The Lamp is and they are all round there). If we dropped that entire set we can cut across from either Aston or Moor Street (depending on whether we've bussed or not) straight to the station. But we'd only have done 4 or 5 pubs in that case.Nick 15:23, 28 February 2010 (UTC)