Boating 2016

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Two pubs in Lydiate - The Scotch Piper which is the oldest pub in Lancashire (even has a Wikipedia entry ) - Marstons with guest beers. Also the Weld Blundell Arms (which might have closed suddenly).

No pubs in Tarleton but one in Rufford. --- Steve

Crooke Hall at Crooke is owned by a brewery in Wigan and their beers have been good whenever we've had them. Plus good write up in the Telegraph --- Steve

Several of the Swingbridges between Wigan and Liverpool have pubs by them. --- Steve

Astley Green also has a couple of pubs (apparently the one Nick and I visited has now gone - so its down to one) --- Steve

Nick informs me that Lymm has its own brewery and some good pubs - we had a good lunchtime pause there last year. There is the Lymn Brewery tap there. There's a brewery in Dunham Massey as well.

We really must visit the Blood Tub at the junction with the Rufford Branch - after all its rather a lot of New Years Eves since we were last there. --- Steve

Also as its the 200 year anniversary we really should call in at The Saracen's Head ( Halsall Warehouse Bridge No 25 ) where there is a commemorative statue as the first sod was cut near here. Saracen's head is a cask marque pub and seems to have had some interesting beers in the recent past. --- Steve

I've just released a version of the software that lets you put pauses in, so you could see what the effect of an hour or two at these places might have. --- Nick

I just put Runcorn (Waterloo Bridge) into the route - its only 4 and a bit miles each way so it doesn't make a huge difference --- Steve

How do people feel about doing the Weaver on the way back? I've never done much of it and the Anderton Lift is always fun --- Steve

Apparently Wigan now has 7 breweries - so we might find some interesting beers in the area --- Steve

Burscough Brewery are just off the canal by the main bridge in Burscough.

Their beer is also sold at the pub in Rufford - so that suggests that their real ale isn't just the usual stuff.