From PubNight

Paragraph 37 of the unwritten charter of Pubnight states that there shall, at all times, be one - and only - one Paul who is a regular attendee.

For this reason, whenever the official Paul leaves, another has to be appointed. So the current Paul should not be confused with The Other Paul or The Reverend Paul

So far we have been able to do this from natural resources, and have not had to resort to rebadging one of the spare Richards.

Recent Pub Night pubs visited by Paul include:

PubLast Visit
The Three KingsWednesday 10th December 2008
The Adam and EveTuesday 7th January 2014
Anchor, BirminghamN/A
The Bakers ArmsTuesday 2nd May 2006
The Brandy CaskMonday 19th June 2006
Brook House Inn, BootN/A
Barton Arms, BirminghamN/A
Bag O Nails, BristolSaturday 25th April 2009
The Bath TavernWednesday 18th February 2009
Boot Inn, BootN/A
Brothers Water InnN/A
Cheltenham Beer FestivalSaturday 11th July 2009
Craven Arms, BrockhamptonN/A
Cafe ReneSaturday 9th June 2007
Cheltenham Motor ClubWednesday 8th January 2020
Cornubia, BristolSaturday 25th April 2009
The Cape of Good HopeFriday 16th June 2006
Colston Yard, BristolSaturday 25th April 2009
The Dragon InnSaturday 10th June 2006
Dick Whittington, GloucesterSaturday 9th June 2007
The Five Mile HouseTuesday 14th March 2006
Fountain, GloucesterThursday 11th May 2006
Grain Barge, BristolSaturday 25th April 2009
The Jolly BrewmasterTuesday 4th June 2013
The Kemble Brewery InnTuesday 18th September 2007
Kirkstile Inn, LoweswaterN/A
Lamp Tavern, BirminghamN/A
The Linden Tree, GloucesterWednesday 14th January 2009
The Market TavernWednesday 14th June 2006
Moon Under WaterWednesday 2nd May 2007
New InnSaturday 9th June 2007
NelsonThursday 11th May 2006
Old Dungeon Ghyll, Great LangdaleN/A
The SwanTuesday 10th January 2023
Old Joint Stock, BirminghamN/A
The Old Spot, DursleyTuesday 15th May 2007
The Old White LionThursday 24th August 2006
The Parrotsometime in March 2005
Postlip Hall, PostlipN/A
The Plaisterers ArmsThursday 24th August 2006
The Royal Oak,PrestburyThursday 2nd July 2015
The Red Lion, CrickladeThursday 12th March 2009
The RestorationTuesday 26th March 2019
Raven, BathN/A
Strickland Arms, SizerghN/A
The Suffolk ArmsTuesday 24th February 2009
St. Georges VaultsThursday 28th June 2007
The Sun InnThursday 24th August 2006
Sun Inn, ConistonN/A
The Sudeley ArmsWednesday 16th December 2009
TailorsWednesday 29th August 2007
Twelve Bells, CirencesterThursday 11th May 2006
The Feet Inn, TwyningTuesday 14th August 2007
Tewkesbury Winter Ale FestivalN/A
The Whitesmiths ArmsSaturday 9th June 2007
The White Lion, BristolSaturday 25th April 2009
Watershed, BristolSaturday 25th April 2009
White Swan, BirminghamN/A
The White HartThursday 24th August 2006
Yewdale Hotel, ConistonN/A
ZeroDegrees BristolSaturday 25th April 2009