Taberna Inn, Herbrandston

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3 miles west of Milford Haven
SA73 3TD
01646 693498
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Quaint little pub just down the road from Milford Haven. You can see the refinery just down the road. Don't let this deter you - the food is good and the landlord puts on two ever-changing real ales. He gets the locals to rate them to generate a top ten. He also sells out of Hop Back Summer Lightning very quickly - aparently the regulars phone each other to say it's on and drink it dry! We stayed in the inn and the rooms were basic but perfectly fine, and were cheap. The food was all freshly prepared and nice. Good beer too - recommended!

This pub was last visited by Rich and Mich
When last visited the pub was serving : Gales Seafarer's Ale and Pure Welsh from the following breweries : Fuller's and Cwmbran

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