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This is a list of things still to be done - and a few things that have been done. Breaking tasks up into separate pieces makes it easier manage, and to cross off, but also makes it a bit daunting!

Measurements etc to get on next visit

  • Back deck dimensions (including thickness)

Things to do


  • Complete ceiling taughtening and caulking - back half of boat
  • Finish painting ceiling - front half
  • Paint ceiling - back half
  • Wash down walls and ceiling - back half
  • Paint walls - back half


  • New curtain rails (and other bits, and curtains)
  • Put new tiles up

Internal flooring

  • Finish new bathroom false floor

Back deck

  • Replace back deck - port hand side
  • Replace back deck - starboard side
  • Replace back deck - removable panels

Engine related

  • Oil change (last one was 20th anniversary one in Newbold)
  • Rewire and add second battery master switch


  • Clean, polish and touch-up external paint
  • New kitchen tap

Things to buy for jobs

  • 9 curtain rails
  • Lots of D-shaped strip (9 x 120mm needed) (for curtain rail job)
  • Dowel to go with the above, to cut into 2cm thick spacers x18 (for curtain rail job)
  • Curtains (26 - 30 inch drop)
  • Quadrant (for bathroom floor)
  • Oil (for oil change)
  • Oil filter (for oil change)
  • ~30 tiles
  • Cork tile adhesive (for tiles)
  • Tile edge strip for upper edge
  • Kitchen mixer tap
  • Blanking place for hole in worktop
  • Mesh for cover/bilge breather over pipes below back steps

General supplies

Things we already have (or might have), to take

  • Varnish (for bathroom floor)
  • Trade matt white paint for "undercoat"

Interesting websites for supplies

  • Here's a nice cheap mixer tap. And, as discussed, one of these will tidy the job up as well.
  • How about using recycled plastic for the decking - it might last forever. This product sounds expensive, but each plank is 6 sq feet - you'd probably only need one plank per side.

Completed Jobs

20/21 September 2008

  • Soft floor in rear cabin replaced
  • False floor in bathroom replaced
  • Ceiling fixed in front half
  • Ceiling and walls washed down and prepared
  • Ceiling first coat

Date not noted

  • Put carpet tiles back down in rear
  • Mains feed to fridge
  • Paint walls - front half

14/15 March 2009

  • Cooker fitted
  • Fridge fitted
  • Battery master switch replaced

General musings

If and when we refit the loo, it would be nice to have a light switch near the door.


Fan belt - current is Motaquip VFB 230. This is 9.5x1025


Temporary place to put food stuff for the Easter holiday

Some menu suggestions - with likely stopping places

  • Sat: Spag bol, salad and bread - bottom end of Audlem
  • Sun: Pork roast, mash, carrots, beans and gravy - Middlewich
  • Mon : BBQ Burgers and salad - Moore
  • Tue: Chinese Chicken Stir Fry with noodles and spring rolls - Manchester
  • Wed : Steak on BB, roast veg - Approaching Wigan
  • Thur: Curry a la Nick - Scaresbrick way
  • Fri : Eat out - ditto
  • Sat : Pork chops on BBQ, roast veg and mash - around Lathom

Looks like we're all agreed on a Sunday hand-over. It looks like earlyish on Thursday for passing the children over (so let's say that even if we end up in Wigan - we can always do some shopping). I'll tell M&D

We need to decide when we lose the children - among other things, I can make lots of curries and will make a different one depending on who is around to eat it! Do you want me to make a very mild chicken kashmiri for all, or a slightly warmer dopiaza for 4? Once I know I'll make sure to pack the appropriate spices.

General stuff:

  • Cereal for children - cocoa pops and honey puffs go down well (own brands fine)
  • Bread - I have a particular liking for the "finest" multi-seeded as a treat to start the trip off. Good sliced fine after that.